Developer: Dream Harvest Games
Publisher: Dream Harvest Games
Genre: Multiplayer, Puzzle, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy

Failure is a rule-bending RTS that redefines the foundations of the genre. Combining elements of RTS, Card Battle Games and God games all set within a neon filled digital cyberspace world called the NeuroNet.

Failure puts the you in the shoes of a Slicer, a new form of hacker skilled in penetrating VR Networks. You choose a faction, each with it’s own motivation to control the NeuroNet and the data within. You’ll battle against Slicers from other factions and the NeuroNet’s AI in a struggle for domination.

You must manipulate the NeuroNet with your Library of Scripts. Summon into existence Constructs; buildings formed from the fabric of the network each with their own unit type, and use Functions; Scripts that affect the very nature of the world and allow for the manipulation of the behaviors of your units. As you progress and become more powerful you will uncover the secrets held deep within the virtual network.

Timing and careful placement of your Scripts along with quick reflexes are crucial if you are to succeed against other Slicers and ultimately discover the secrets held deep within the vast network.

You must prepare; build your Script Library, plan your strategy and maintain control of the NeuroNet’s sectors by battling against other Factions.

Each Faction wants the NeuroNet for it’s own reasons, However, they are not your only opposition.

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