Forced 2: The Rush

Genre: Action, Fantasy, MMO, Purchase Required
Developer: BetaDwarf Entertainment
Publisher: BetaDwarf Entertainment
Rating: Not Rated

Welcome to Forced 2: The Rush, a world of Rogue-like Boss Fights! Choose your champion, enter the ever-changing death course, fend off hordes of minions and the looming threat of the Boss to claim ridiculously awesome rewards! Collect cards and build your ultimate deck to aid your champion in the attempt to SLAY all the bosses!

Will you be the one to survive The Rush?

  • Tight action controls, like a classic top-down arcade game, but in gorgeous 3D!
  • It’s a Rogue-like! Every level is randomly generated and if you die you’re out of the tournament!
  • Tournaments in a Rogue-like?! Hell yeah! Enter a match with competitors in the same random course – are you up for the challenge?
  • With cards! Build a deck of swords, guns and fireballs for your Champion!
  • No play-through is the same! The ever-changing course and cards you cast during a match will determine which path your champion takes.
  • Get rewards! Earn new cards and Champions as you become a legend in The Rush!


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