Genre: Action, Fantasy, MMO, Purchase Required, Role-Playing, Tactical
Publisher: Dark Vale Games
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: SuperGenius

FORGE is set in an epic fantasy, third-person, multiplayer FPS that focuses on MMO style abilities, fluid combat, and instanced PVP. The game will launch with 5 different classes and 4 unique maps. Players can choose from the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shaman, and Warden classes, each with their own summonable companion.
At launch, FORGE will offer players the option of 4 maps, each with their own distinct gameplay – Capital Siege, Field of Ruins, Forest Ambush and Ymil’s Throne.  Each class will offer players 8 unique abilities to choose from in battle, with 1 additional ability specific to their companion to assist them on the battlefield.  Unlike most MMOs, there will be ZERO GRIND in FORGE.  Every player is on a level playing field from their first game forward, no matter how many games their enemies have played. 
Skill, yours, is what counts: No tab targeting. Movement is no longer on rails: Block an incoming attack by (crazy idea) blocking. No one you meet will have an advantage over you due to time spent or gear acquired. Stuns, interrupts, heals and protection, all of these tools are at your disposal, but their success is completely dependent on your skill in using them.
Zero Grind: Nothing is worse than a friend noticing a game you’re playing and mentioning they’d love to play it with you, only to find they have months of grinding to max level ahead of them before they can even begin the months of grinding the best gear that they need to be an effective partner. The endless treadmill of “win new gear! Why? So you can win more gear later!” just isn’t compelling enough. We’ll give you a reason to progress, but for customization, not power increases. The grind is dead. You’re just as powerful on your first login as you will be on your last, but with ever increasing, equally powerful options to choose from.
Instanced Combat: We don’t believe that multiplayer combat without set team sizes and timed objectives provides the best PvP experience. You end up with massive stalemates as two groups stand staring at one another with the occasional ranged volley going back and forth. Battles usually result only when one side has the other so outnumbered that they are able to ‘zerg’ the smaller group. That’s just not competitive. It may be enjoyable in a different sense, but it’s not what we crave or want to deliver.
FORGE focuses on skirmish sized battles where every player counts, while providing objectives and time limits to ensure that the fighting is intense and constant.
Stunning: Because we’re not designing a massive, open world game where you may encounter 50 to 100 other players at a time, we’re able to focus on high quality art assets from the very beginning without bringing your machine to its knees. FORGE is beautiful, in every last detail, and thanks to the scale of combat, none of this detail is compromised.
Some other highlights of FORGE:
Quality over Quantity – We believe it’s more important to produce a smaller amount of high quality content than to drown our players in a sea of mediocrity.
Fluid Gameplay – Unlike as with other titles, every technical and artistic aspect of the game has been built around fluid combat mechanics specifically designed for multiplayer combat.
An Ever Evolving World – While our initial release will focus on core gameplay, Forge has years of development work ahead of it, post-release, that will bring everything from a persistent world to the first territorial conquest mode that actually works for new players and vast alliances alike.
Continuous Support – We pledge to support the community in a way that lives up to the best of expectations. Frequent DLC available, at times for free, at times paid if we (and you!) truly believe it’s worth it; expanding classes, maps, gameplay modes and even providing massive features you’d expect in games at 3 times the price.
AAA Quality – By teaming with SuperGenius and Digital Confectioners, our studios combined have ensured that the artwork for everything down to the motifs used on a building’s facade are nothing short of amazing and the gameplay is built to match.
Indie Price Point – We’re gamers too, and we’ve also watched the prices of games balloon while the amount of content has shrunk. We have a different idea. We’ll deliver a AAA quality game at an indie price, and make sure it’s so incredibly addictive that you’ll be playing it for years. 

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