Frightshow Fighter

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Fighting, Multiplayer
Developer: frightshowfighter
Publisher: frightshowfighter
Rating: Not Rated

Laser-eyed rabbits, bear-throwing lumberjacks, and bubble-burping rainbow monsters are just a few of the bizarre cast of characters to choose from in FrightShow Fighter. This entire one-of-a-kind action-packed indie fighting game is being brought to life by two artists and a programmer from Philadelphia.

The crazy characters in FrightShow Fighter, the brainchild of artist Gus Fink, include robots, zombies, and cane-wielding unicorn riders; each with their own zany set of special moves. Monster Girl calls down a swarm of cats while Mr. Fright shoots ghostly skulls. The unique art approach sets FrightShow Fighter apart from anything you’ve seen before as every 3D character’s texture is a traditional hand-painted watercolor. “Our top priority from the very beginning was to make a unique-looking wacky fighting game that’s just super fun to play.” explains 3D artist and animator Jeff Brown.

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