Genre: 4X, Free-to-play, Multiplayer, Sci-Fi, Strategy, Turn-Based
Developer: NeoCrux Ltd
Publisher: NeoCrux Ltd
Rating: Not Rated

GalaCollider is a digital sci-fi card game that integrates the elements and strategy of 4X: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.

Each match takes place within a regional star map of space. Players compete for territory and resources, vying for dominance in order to win the game. Simultaneous turns makes it easy to play head-to-head, on a team, co-op, or in a “free for all” with a large group of players on a single map.

When you start a game, you will choose which alien faction you’ll play and a deck of cards to use. You can select either a pre-made deck, or build your own. Deck building is done in two parts: you create your core deck and then a sideboard deck of higher technology cards. This sideboard provides options for you to research and add to your deck during a match, and can be used to great effect in furthering your own goals and countering your opponents.

GalaCollider is an expandable card game, which means that there will be many packs of cards for you to choose from in a flow of regular releases. Each pack will contain a predetermined set of cards, so there will be no random generation or extra spending required to find the cards you desire.


  • 4X meets digital card game. GalaCollider fuses the conquest of 4X games with the deckbuilding and drafting elements of digital card games, creating a new genre with the best aspects of each.
  • Modify your deck in game. Build your deck and seed your technology pool before each game with your favorite strategies. Then, modify your deck as you play to adapt your deck and beat your opponents.
  • Play at your own pace. Optional turn timer allows for either long, calculated matches over several days or for quicker, casual skirmishes that you can play in a single sitting.
  • Asymmetrical factions. Conquer the galaxy as the quick, alien Sylith faction or the steadfast, human-descended Coalition, and stand your ground as more factions join the fray post-release.
  • Simultaneous turns. Simultaneous turns speed up gameplay and reduce waiting time to a minimum, and makes the game easily scalable for new game modes with many players on the same map.
  • Co-author the story. Player interactions, tournament and event outcomes will directly influence the story of GalaCollider and future events.
  • Constantly Evolving. As the story unfolds, players will be challenged to play the game in new ways, in constantly changing territories of space. The metagame will stay fresh as your tactics evolve and adapt to the regular releases of new cards, new mechanics, new game modes (various team, co-op, solo modes of play etc.), and new maps that promote different strategies.
  • Expandable, NOT collectible. GalaCollider is NOT a collectible card game with random card packs. The type and amount of cards in every set and pack is predetermined and known to players. However you choose to acquire new cards, you’ll know exactly what you’ll receive, letting you deckbuild better for less.
  • Free Starter Decks for every faction. All players receive Starter Decks for each faction as they are released, for free.
  • Choose how to acquire new cards. Additional cards and packs can be acquired with in-game currency, gained through gameplay and or purchased from the in-game store.
  • Regular release cycles. Each release cycle of cards will explore a different theme and showcase new mechanics, opening up fresh strategies for you to discover and master.
  • An equal playing field. Free to play players will be able to build competitive decks by making smart pack purchasing choices with in-game currency earned through play. Conversely, paying players will have access to the full range of cards and will be able to explore an immensely rich deck building experience.

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