Galactic Inheritors

Genre: 4X, MMO, Purchase Required, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Publisher: Argonauts Interactive
Developer: Crispon Games
Rating: Not Rated

Galactic Inheritors is a new space 4X game that focuses on the science part of science fiction, strategy advanced planning and depth of gameplay.

In Galactic Inheritors, players must explore the galaxy to find its strategic choke points and colonize solar systems to expand their empire’s influence. Viable strategies are diverse and range from building a massive fleet to preparing their people for war through the power of the media. In Galactic Inheritors, it’s up to players to master a wide range of tactics as part of a greater strategy to conquer the galaxy by any means necessary. As one of five races, players traverse between solar systems by jump network, acquiring resources to further expand their influence and increase their empire’s research, production and commercial capabilities. Uncovering the secrets of each planet and empire is pivotal in gaining dominance over the galaxy.

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