Galaxy Heist

Genre: Action, Multiplayer, Sci-Fi, Simulation, Space
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Space Bear Development
Publisher: Space Bear Development

Step 1. Get the Upper Hand

Pilot your large ship, man the turrets with an array of weapons, or take control of one of your drone wing-men for some dog fighting. Do whatever it takes to exploit your enemies in space. All possible with AI, other players, or both!

Step 2. Board an Enemy Ship

Once you’ve disabled another large ship, take control of one of your turrets and fire the tether. If it’s a hit then you’ll automatically begin to real them in and begin the boarding process.

Step 3. Fight for Control

Once on the bridge connecting your ship to the one you boarded, you’ll need to fight through the ship in order to get to the flight deck. The insides of these large ships have plenty to interact with including an on-board air system, windows that will pull out nearby players, engine room fans that will dice up any player who gets to close, and plenty of things ready to explode.

Step 4. Sabotage

Congratulations! You’ve successfully taken control of the ship. Once in the flight deck you can begin the ships self destruct sequence. This forces enemy players out of the larger space battle and takes their ship out of the fight. You will be brought back into the middle of the action with one less big ship to worry about. From taking out players with your turrets to boarding their ship and forcing control.

Fly through one of our large ships, appropriately named the Shark. From the generator rooms on the lower decks to the crew quarters up top, this ship has everything you need for your travels through space. The Shark also comes with many interactive features such as windows that when blown out will pull any nearby players into space, and a built in oxygen system that helps keep players alive when ‘cabin pressure’ is lost.

When you’re feeling a little slow on your big ship, take control of one of your supporting drone ships nearby and get right into the action.

AI can support you or go against you depending one which team it has been assigned too.

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