Genre: Action, Adventure, Browser-Based, Construction, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Unity 3D
Publisher: Bigpoint
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Square Enix

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Create Your Own Action Adventure Game on Gameglobe

Gameglobe – It’s your action adventure game that lets you explore inspirational, fun and exciting games from creators all around the world. But that’s not all; you can create your own game too! Armed with easy and intuitive tools anyone will be able to create exciting and engaging action adventure games to easily share with everyone.

Create Exciting Action Adventure Games in Minutes

Gameglobe is a platform that allows you to unleash your creativity on the world by giving you access to fantastic tools and props that will enable anyone to create visually stunning and exciting action adventure games in minutes…or hours if you want to.

Finished creating your game?

Gameglobe lets you share it with the world with ease, all from a single link so that anyone can play, no registration required.

Sign up to Create, Play and Share Originally Created Games

Sign up for the GameGlobe beta to create, play and share originally created games with millions of people.

Play Exciting Action Adventure Games

It’s about more than just creating great action adventure games though; it’s about playing great action adventure games too! Home to a vast array of user and professionally created action adventure games; get ready to lose yourself for hours in Gameglobe as you dive in to search out your favorites from some truly creative individuals.

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