Gladiators Online

Genre: Action, Fighting, Free-to-play, Historical, MMO
Developer: Dorado Online Games
Publisher: Dorado Online Games
Rating: Not Rated

In Gladiators Online your goal is to become the most prestigious owner of gladiators in the Roman Empire. Starting with a small provincial school, you need to carefully train, heal and equip your team of talented fighters.


  • Skill based tactical multiplayer Combat with Permadeath
  • Up to 15 Gladiators per Player split into 4 legendary Classes
  • 600+ Weapons and Armor Items based on classical Designs
  • 60 individual offensive, tactical and passive Combat Skills
  • 10 Gladiator Levels per Class to advance, train and promote
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues with Premium Rewards
  • Dynamic Slave Auctions with Talent scouting and bidding
  • 3 Tiers of stunningly recreated ancient Amphitheaters
  • 40+ Ludus/House Enhancements arranged into 10 Tiers
  • 50+ Staff Types such as Doctores and Courtesans

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