GodsWar Online

Homepage: http://gw.igg.com/
Genre: Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Third-Person
Publisher: IGG
Developer: IGG
Rating: Not Rated

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GodsWar Online is the first fully IGG designed and produced 3D MMORPG. Top-grade game developers’ painstaking efforts have culminated in the fantastic and mysterious GodsWar Online. GWO offers players distinct systems and activities including enchanting quests, charming game scenery, free character growth, amazing battles and a wonderful gaming community.
Shakespeare said "All the world’s a stage…" but in GodsWar Online, ancient Greek Gods and Heroes share the stage, and the results are anything but graceful and elegant. More often than not they are downright ugly and brutal, as each fight for domination of the Greek Empire. Amazing graphics are on display everywhere in game, such as the solemn city of Sparta, the remote lonely desert, the verdant forests, the mysterious, dark swamps and the sunny beaches bordering the bright blue Mediterranean Sea.


GodsWar Online Full Client v2.34.001262.6MB2011-01-24

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