Genre: Action, Driving, Multiplayer, Racing
Developer: Caged Element
Publisher: Caged Element
Rating: Not Rated

Inspired by the Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000, GRIP is a new IP for a new generation. A return to the hardcore combat racer, bristling with heavy weapons and packing ferocious speed, the game is an intense, sensory feast.

Harnessing the awesome potential of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, GRIP will take you back to your nostalgic past, while simultaneously propelling you into a kick-ass future.

Just as in Rollcage, the cars in GRIP are extraordinary. With larger wheels that extend not just below the frame but also above it, with GRIP’s cars there is no right way up and they can flip sides whenever they need to and just keep on thrusting forwards. But that’s not all. These cars also develop a tremendous amount of down-force, so much down-force in fact that driving on walls and even ceilings becomes possible. And in GRIP, this isn’t just possible, at times it’s essential. It’s all about survival, and getting to the end of the race, whatever it takes.

All of the vehicles in GRIP are heavily armed, and most of them heavily armoured. There’s a variety to choose from, ranging from sleek and light thoroughbreds built purely for speed, all the way over to ironclad behemoths that can not only deal out the punishment, but also take it. Whatever your thing is, there’s a ride in GRIP with your name all over it.


You will start with a very capable car as you enter the GRIP arena, anything less would be suicide. Slowly but surely however, you will be able to upgrade your car with money earned from scoring a decent race position as well as salvage recovered along the track while racing. The more you win, the more you earn, the faster and more devastating your car becomes. Not only that, but you’ll be able to visually customize your beast with a selection of paint-jobs, rims, wheels and body armour kits. Make your mark on the track as you exit the pit lane ready to put on a show for the carnage-hungry race fans.

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