Hanako – Soul of the Samurai

Homepage: http://www.hanakogame.com/
Developer: +Mpact Games
Publisher: +Mpact Games
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Free-to-play, Historical, MMO, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated

Hanako – Soul of the Samurai is a third-person, class-based multiplayer PC game set in a fictional rendition of the Sengoku Era of Feudal Japan.

Enter the battlefield with the soul of the samurai, your mighty Katana; pierce the flesh of your foes from atop a tower with an arrow from your Yumi (long bow), or sneak through the high-grass into the camp of your enemy and execute your target with the razor sharp Ninja-to. There is no short order of options to secure the future of Japan, or to brutally destroy it.

Once the battle begins, you will have six classes of warriors to choose from, each with their own unique set of skills, weapons, executions and more. Train wisely as you pursue one of three elite roles per class. As the war wages on, more types of warriors will be necessary to decide the fate of the country.

Campaign Across Japan
The fate of Japan is in your hands. Choose a clan and begin an immersive multiplayer journey across multiple maps and game modes. All in pursuit of either defending or defeating the Emperor. Decide wisely, your alliance may be your peril… or your glory!

The campaign begins at a central battlefield, where clans battle for vital territory. From there, you will battle in a “tug-of-war” system across multiple maps and game modes uncovering the location of your enemy’s village and ultimately castle. You may be pushed back across earlier territory, but be weary because the conditions may differ from the first time.

Cultivate Your Warrior’s Skills
Train your warrior to be a skilled master of their primary weapon, such as the Katana or Yumi, or learn the art of a more difficult elite weapon like the Kenshi’s No-dachi or the Ninja’s Chained Kama. You may also choose to boost your meditation practice to better harness your Ki. Regardless of the conditions or type of map, rest assured there will be plenty of options to build your warrior to best suit the battle.

At the beginning of each match, after selecting a class, you will earn honor to train your warrior by defeating your foes and surviving the rigors of battle. Choose two abilities out of six options such as swift sword combos, brutal sweeping charges and much more. Additionally, there are nine different skills to choose from including one of three elite Master skills that grant you a devastating third ability.

Guide Your Blade With Precision
Gone are the days of mindless sword swinging. Enter the mind of your warrior and guide the direction of each basic attack with your movement. Target your opponent’s openings and weaknesses and drop them to their knees in defeat. Master the art of swordplay much like the mighty Samurai, with inspiration drawn from Japanese martial arts like Kenjutsu, Iaito, Ninjutsu and more.

Our directionally-driven combat system puts the power of precision in your hands. No longer will you be bound to the monotony of hack-and-slash melee mechanics, or painfully slow “gestural” combat. Switch between two stances to unleash multiple directional attacks, or use your heavy attacks following a hard sprint toward your foes. Counter your opponent’s attacks with timing-based blocking and parrying to reclaim the edge in battle. Not to mention, you still have abilities at your disposal.

Take Advantage of Battle Circumstances
The surroundings provide numerous possibilities to swing the tide of battle. Warrior’s may find certain advantages on each map such as flammable cover, placing archers in towers with superior vantage points, or sneaking undetected through forested areas or high grass to set up flanks.

You may also choose to align with a third rogue team that can engage any Samurai combatant at any time. Legend has it that some Samurai sacrifice their own honor and training in order to sway one of these rogues to join their cause.

Team deathmatch style gameplay now has a unique spin. Players on the rogue team have the option of accepting honor “payments” from Samurai players in exchange for their services for the remainder of a match. Rogues can always choose to stay unaffiliated and attack whoever they wish, however they earn honor at a slower rate. Additionally there are a variety of level mechanics mentioned above but also control point-type areas like Heavenly Sakura areas that allow players to heal through meditation.

See the Game Modes page for more details on game mode-specific gameplay.

Customize Your Warrior
After reaching an elite role, you will be bestowed with the honor of a matching title and items to reflect your achievement. Your warrior will be truly distinguished and feared on the field of battle.

You will be able to purchase or earn replacement armor pieces and weapons from Steam. You may swap out your purchased items for the default versions. For example, if you purchased or earned a unique item called Masamune Katana, you would load it into the Katana slot and any time you use a Katana in-game it would be the Masamune Katana instead. The same applies for other pieces.

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