Helbreath USA

Homepage: http://www.helbreathusa.com/
Genre: Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Publisher: iEntertainment Network
Developer: iEntertainment Network
Rating: Not Rated

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• Massive Multi-Player Role Playing Game.

• Players are able to participate in massive scale battles between the two waring regions.

• Wield mighty weapons as a warrior or cast powerful spells as a mage.

• A massive world with cities, forests and huge underground dungeons.

• Numerous unique characters, monsters, and other life forms.

• A full-screen playing area with easily accessible menus and an intuitive user interface.

• Customizable avatars – choose your gender, skin color, hair color, armor, etc.

• Built in chat system where you can talk to everyone near you, your guild, party or whisper to a selected player.

• Able to create or join a guilds to work together towards a common goal and to slaughter your foes in a group.

• Sophisticated game engine, with a maximum of 4500 players able to connect and play per server.

• Magic users can summon creatures to fight with them.

• Dynamic game enviroment.


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