Homepage: https://hierarchygame.com/
Genre: Fantasy, MMO, Role-Playing, Sandbox
Developer: Hierarchy
Publisher: Hierarchy
Rating: Not Rated

Hierarchy Is a Multiplayer Medieval Sandbox RPG. The game’s main focus is on creating an environment where players fight for control of territory and power through economy and war. The game gives players the option to play how they want. You can choose to be a lord, if others will follow you. You can become a soldier, farmer, hunter, merchant, blacksmith, or you can be a outlaw and prey on the weak. You can lead an evil cult or cleanse the world of all evil in the name of your religion. The possibilities are endless with a mixture of both game mechanics and ease of roleplaying.

Key Features

  • Immersive faction system allowing players to form groups with similar interest and own castles, guilds, create religious factions, cults, bandit groups, merchant groups and many more.
  • Fully directional combat allows players to be immersed in the action and require skill to become a master of combat.
  • Professions allow for a very strong economy system, players becoming proficient in a few selected skills such as crafting, blacksmithing, engineering, and more will allow for a more realistic experience when playing.
  • Siege mechanics allow for a full out siege against an occupied castle with siege camps, selection of siege weapons, dynamic wall destruction, all in real time large battles.
  • Expansive resource collection with woodcutting, mining, farming, fishing, and hunting.
  • Default world size: 40km2 – up to 200+ players.

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