Homepage: http://www.ruffiangames.com/hollowpoint/
Genre: Action, Military, Platformer, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Ruffian Games

Hollowpoint combines traditional 2D side-scrolling action with 3D targeting. Take down enemies in front of you as well as in the background

4 Player Co-Op
Team up with friends via Steam or PSN. Plan and execute the strategy of the mission to succeed – or fail – together.

Upgrade skills, weapons and adapt
Earn experience and skill points to upgrade Operatives, and outfit them with the right abilities, weapons, and equipment for the job.

Get ready for a highly tactical, action packed combat experience with procedurally built levels and a never ending supply of enemies – played singleplayer or co-op up to 4 players.

You run an Organization of highly skilled Operatives – the Mercenaries of the 22nd century. The Mega Corporations of the world are engaged in corporate warfare; hiring Organizations like yours to do their bidding. These warring Corporations mean nothing to you, you just want to build the most respected Organization there is, you’ll need their business.

Take on the most dangerous and lucrative Contracts on offer. Perform well to earn more XP and Credits – allowing you to strategically advance your Organization. To be the best you’ll often need to team up with rival Organizations to complete the most daring of Contracts. Alone you are powerful. Together you are unstoppable.
Engage in deadly, high pressure, tactical combat where one wrong move can mean you and your squad’s death. The key to success is to Assess. Anticipate. Advance :
Assess each unique combat scenario and the enemies you will face.

Anticipate all threats and counter them by assembling a squad with the correct balance of Abilities, Weapons, Equipment and Powerups for your tactical plan.
Advance into the field – it’s up to you and your teammates to have the skills and teamwork to make it play out as you have planned.

Build your Squad, purchase the best Weapons, Equipment and Powerups, Upgrade it all to the max – then join forces with your teammates to get the job done in procedurally generated missions in next year’s most intense tactical combat experience – available on PS4 and PC!

Main features

  • Tactical 2.5D Shooter: 2D side scrolling old school platform shooter, blended seamlessly with 3D targeting into the depth of the scene.
  • Long Term Progression: Level up your Operatives and your Organization as you complete contracts; specializing them to fit your play style.
  • Utilize the 4 Core Types of Operative Ordnance to Defeat the Enemy: Weapons, Equipment, Powerups and Active Abilities.
  • 4-Player Online Co-op: Team up through Steam or PSN and take on contracts together.

Deep Upgrade System: Earn experience to gain Skill Points to Upgrade Operatives; Earn Credits to buy Market Crates and gain Weapons, Equipment, and Powerups.
Procedural Levels and Dynamic Contracts: Levels are pieced together Room by Room before play, then Objectives are chosen dynamically during play.

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