Imperium: Galactic War

Genre: Browser-Based, Facebook, Free-to-play, MMO, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Publisher: Kabam
Developer: Kabam
Rating: Not Rated

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Become the most fearsome force the universe has ever known in Imperium: Galactic War. Explore the vast, open galaxy allowing players to build and customize their fleet of powerful warships to battle in real-time. With several races and factions to choose from, you can decide your allegiance, connect with friends and allies to build your fleet and rule the galaxy!

Game Features

  • Rule your Galactic Empire – Become the greatest power to dominate the cosmos and crush those who oppose you
  • Construct your Fleet YOUR Way– Build and customize an armada of unique and powerful starships
  • Show off Your Skills – Show your strength and tactical superiority in real-time head to head combat with other players
  • Choose your Faction – The War for control has begun and three factions vie for your loyalty – choose your side wisely!
  • Build a powerful Starbase – Upgrade your base’s defenses and destroy rival captains seeking plunder and glory

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