Infinium Strike

Developer: Codex Worlds
Publisher: Codex Worlds
Genre: Multiplayer, Purchase Required, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Space, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated

Infinium Strike is a space strategy/action game where you are the weapons officer on the battlecarrier Freedom Strike. By harvesting and utilizing Infinium – the living metal of the cosmos – players can endlessly “print” powerful turrets and a deadly drone fleet.

Operation: Freedom – a clandestine military operation to turn the tide of the Wrog war. The mega battlecarrier Freedom Strike is the ultimate weapon to combat the relentless Wrog waves.


  • Full story campaign including “Save the Scientist” and “Escape the SuperNova”
  • Deep space endless arcade mode
  • Wide variety of tactics using towers, ships and TSF SuperTech abilities
  • Immersive, free-roaming game play camera
  • Go from a Gunner Ensign to a Gunner Admiral

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