Homepage: http://kartuga.com/
Genre: Action, Browser-Based, Free-to-play, MMO, Naval, Tactical, Unity 3D
Publisher: Innogames
Developer: Innogames
Rating: Not Rated

In Kartuga, you guide your ship through uncharted waters and fierce battles. Exciting adventures and demanding challenges wait:

Ship Classes
Choose between the graceful Destroyer, mighty Protector, or versatile Engineer. What kind of ship will you steer to victory?

Sea Battles
Set the ocean aflame as you and your foes test each other’s wits, tactics, and agility.

A Vibrant World
Explore the oceans of Kartuga, experiencing three distinct regions with their own factions, threats, and treasures.

PvP Action
Join thrilling and evenly matched battles with other players, both on your own, and in a team with your guildmates.

Grow and Thrive
Earn experience to unlock dozens of skills, ships, and hundreds of items. Take your pick and play the way that suits you!

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