Knight Age

Genre: Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Strategy
Publisher: Joymax
Developer: Joymax
Rating: Not Rated

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Knight Age is a cute and unique mounted-battle MMORPG. It is based on a mounted-battle system where you race through vast lands, create battle formations with your "Order of the Knights" members and fight alongside with each other.
Players can enjoy and maximize their gaming experience by creating different kinds of formations, and raiding various forms of Instance Dungeons including solo one-player dungeons, multiplayer dungeons, Mounted multiplayer dungeons and dungeons that include battles which seizes an opponent’s base.
Game Features:
• "Formation System" will put Group battles into a different level providing players more strategic and interactive play style.
• Training and collecting Pupa, the pet system of Knight Age, will provide an exciting and fun gaming experience.
• Cute game graphics using an awesome chibi styled character design.


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