Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, MMO, Purchase Required, Role-Playing
Publisher: Ankama
Developer: Ankama
Rating: Not Rated

KWAAN is an online adventure game about Nature, Myth and Play!

Originating as an experience commissioned by a cognitive science laboratory, KWAAN has grown into a fully realized virtual world, packed with festivals, challenges and strange happenings. KWAAN is a land made of many different poetic systems, all interacting with each other to create a ever evolving context. Our intention is to make a living, thriving pixel world and place the player inside it, as a keeper of all things beautiful. KWAAN is a persistent cocoon, another dimension without violence, a world where players are working toward a common goal, ultimately blurring the boundaries between the intimate and the collective.

KWAAN is part RPG, part adventure game and part rogue-like. All online. KWAAN is the experience of another world, a tiny fragment of imagination adrift in virtuality. It is the song of every pixel, as they reach out for harmony. Come closer …


You are a little Dwaal, inhabitant of a remote island, on an eternal sea. Your tribe is happy, worshiping a triad of animals known as Pachaas, basking in an everlasting peace. But one morning, as the prophecies foretold, KWAAN appears: a giant mutating sentient tree. And with KWAAN comes the end of time itself…

Every day, KWAAN needs to be kept happy, because if sadness grows into KWAAN’s heart, it will take the world (the server) away… To make KWAAN happy, every action counts! Dwaals will need to work together to meet KWAAN’s demands: caring for KWAAN’s appearance, summoning animals (ducks, penguins, little bees, platypus!!!), crafting flowers, constellations and cakes, using items, discovering new landscapes, solving mysteries… KWAAN is curious, KWAAN always wants more gifts and novelty!

If the world is kept alive, then, maybe, an answer will be found to the greatest mystery of them all: where do pixel souls come from?

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