Land of Chaos Online

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Strategy
Publisher: alaplaya
Developer: alaplaya
Rating: Not Rated

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The cross-genre online action game LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online is a Tactical Online Action RPG that takes role playing to the next level. This tactical game combines real time tactics and action role playing to an intense and thrilling tactical game play that requires strategic intelligence, fast decisions and rapid, accurate controls.

This combination of action game and tactical game features high-end graphics, plenty of playable characters with unique skills and personalities, and fast-paced one on one combat to get the action game play going. Whether you are tearing through minions to reach a towering boss, destroying enemy camps to clear the map of opponents, or taking on another team in a guild battle, Land Of Chaos Online’s unique combination of fast action game and tactical game elements is guaranteed to give all of you gamers around the world an online experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, neither in action games nor in tactical games.

Make a selection of three heroes from the variety of different characters and join either the Forces of Nature or the Army of Purgatorium to fight for the party you prefer. Choose your heroes’ skills and switch between them to make fast tactical decisions, capture strategic points and take the enemy down in this Tactical Online Action RPG mixing action game play and tactical game play.

As known from other tactical games, there is a variety of different strategies to think through and apply if you wish to see the slightest chance to win. But unlike other tactical games, LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online comes in a unique action game structure that keeps you from rethinking your strategy all the time as the battles require incredibly fast reactions and accurate controls so there’s no chance to keep a single clear thought. This is how an action game has to be.

A variety of different maps and game modes as well as several difficulty levels allow you to create a game experience of your own. For a rather tactical game play there are team battles of eight, ten or more players to take part in and unveil your whole experience in tactical games. In order to experience LOCO – Land Of Chaos Online as an action game, choose one of the PvP maps and modes where you can either fight duels alone or create epic battles with several players at the same time. Get ready for the battle.


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