Legends of Fire & Steel

Homepage: http://www.boomzap.com/home-slideshow/legends-of-fire-steel/
Developer: Boomzap Entertainment
Publisher: Boomzap Entertainment
Genre: Fantasy, Multiplayer, Strategy, Turn-Based
Rating: Not Rated

Legends of Fire & Steel is a strategy game designed from the ground up to be playable on a tablet or on a PC/Mac. The goal is to make a game that has the feel of a large, epic strategy game like Civilization, Crusader Kings 2, or Heroes of Might and Magic, but with the shorter playtime and simple controls of a game like Risk, Lux, or FTL. A game that is easy to learn, fast to play, but which offers enough choice to make it interesting to play over and over again.

Game Features

  • Classic fantasy world conquest strategy game with simple, intuitive controls that play well on PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets
  • Wide range of heroes to choose from, each with different tactical powers and abilities
  • Single player campaigns: Follow the war of the races across the lands, unlock new maps and heroes, and discover new lands.
  • Turn-based simultaneous multiplayer game with Ranked and Casual Play, friend finder, rankings, and leader boards.
  • Collect Hero Cards: unlock new heroes and expand your hero selection.

Legends of Fire & Steel is a classic territory capture game with an element of team picking. In the game, players create armies which are led by heroes and used to capture territories in order to provide resources and build new units and heroes.

Control your heroes across the map and build forces with the racial units. Each unit and hero has particular strengths, weaknesses, and tactical powers. They can be upgraded to make them more powerful, and new heroes can be unlocked using your hard-won resources. The objective is to capture all of your opponent’s castles and it’s up to you to figure out how to spend each turn.

Each round provides a variety of actions for heroes to perform:

  • Hire – hire, upgrade, or unlock units for your armies
  • Organize – exchange units between heroes, cities and occupied lands
  • Occupy – put a territory under player control
  • Raze – collect a large sum of resources from owned territories, with the cost of making the land unable to produce for a number of turns
  • Heal – restore knocked out units from skirmishes
  • Defend – give a defense bonus for that turn
  • The multiplayer game uses a simultaneous plan and resolution cycle. It removes the tedium of hotseat style gameplay where players wait for each other to finish their turn. During battle resolution, each unit has an attack type namely missile, melee, or magic. These go one by one in an auto-resolve order. Mixing and matching these with the heroes’ different abilities allows players to create different strategies in every game.

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