Legion TD 2

Homepage: legiontd2.com
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Multiplayer, Strategy, Tower Defense
Developer: AutoAttack Games
Publisher: AutoAttack Games
Rating: Not Rated

Legion TD 2 is the official standalone sequel to Legion TD, a Warcraft 3 mod, and the most played Tower Defense in the world.

Legion TD 2 is a session-based game, played by two opposing teams of 4 players each. Each player builds AI-controlled fighters to defend against waves of creatures that threaten the team’s king. The team whose king dies first, loses.

Players collaborate with each other to cover each others’ weak spots. Players also hire mercenaries that the opposing team must defeat on top of the waves of creatures.

Legion has a history of organized prize-pool tournaments around the world. Play Legion TD a thousand times, and you’ll still have more to learn. And yet, as a TD, the gameplay is casual and kid-friendly.

Legion TD 2 is free to play.  It  has a centralized game server, with all the modern goodies: spectating, reconnecting, partying with friends. Intelligent matchmaking for competitive play.

All new characters, a new world to explore, and consistent new content and balancing, all built on a brand new game engine.

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