Pirates of the Burning Sea

Homepage: http://www.burningsea.com/
Genre: Action, Free-to-play, Historical, Naval, Role-Playing
Publisher: Flying Lab Software
Developer: Flying Lab Software
Rating: Not Rated

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Welcome to the Caribbean Sea, circa 1720. It’s a time of prosperity for wealthy merchants who know the trade routes, and it’s a time of piracy. Into this world you have chosen to forsake your ties to the mainland and have enlisted as a captain for one of four nations: England, France, Spain, or the unaligned Pirates. You must be a member of the Pirate nation to play a Pirate, but as a member of the other European nations, you can choose from three careers—Freetrader, Naval Officer, and Privateer.

With more than 100 ships to sail and exotic harbors to discover,you will quickly be immersed in  the stories of the friendly—and even dastardly—patrons of your home port and beyond. You may even rally to your nation’s war cry in massive player-vs.-player battles that hold the fate of the entire Caribbean!

Key Features

* Choose to be a Naval Officer, Privateer, Freetrader, Buccaneer or Cutthroat.
* Battle other players to control more than 80 conquerable ports in the Caribbean.
* Become an elected Port Governor and influence economy and defenses.
* Engage in tactical ship combat, firing broadsides and boarding the enemy using one of over 150 historical ships.
* Specialize in one of four different styles of land combat – formal Fencing, dual-wielding Florentine, treacherous Dirty Fighting or brutal Brawling.
* Explore the world and make a name for yourself in more than 1000 missions.
* Vie for power and wealth with the fully player-driven economy.
* Design your own personal flags and customized sail patterns.


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