Project of Planets

Genre: Action, MMO, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Miracle Castle
Developer: Miracle Castle
Rating: Not Rated

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This game, a 3D SCi-Fi MMORPG, basically takes fierce battle between earthman and evil force from alien planet as motif with thousands of attractive and challenging quests.

All our combat heroes in this world are equipped meches as their battle supporter and protector. Multi-type weapons, equipments and colorful outside of meches can surly satisfy the players of different taste. Besides the fascinating game image, different type of function such as Enhance, Compose and Plugin, First Personal Shooting is a major highlight of this game!

Under FPS mode, you can have the chance to enjoy another distinct feeling of shooing. Seeing is believing, please go to the battleground and have a try yourself! Enjoy it!

In 2235 A.D, Middle East was undergoing the gradual reduction of petroleum resources, which caused the increasing fierce fighting for energy among the countries, and the United Nation existed in name only. All military powers have started to make more efforts to develop the application of nuclear combination technique and the hidden research on the mech on the basis of this technique. During that time, unknown cosmos-organism was discovered to approach the earth amid the nations’ escalating conflicts. These continual cosmos-organisms invaded into the atmosphere at last, which totally destroyed the ozonosphere and the earth surface. People could not live on earth any longer, so they had to move to underground base.

In 2249 A.D, the survivors reconvened United Nation conference and reached the agreement of resources share, so they were determined to return to the earth to fight back and take back the control of our mutual land.

In 2251 A.D, the research on the nerve conduction device which can resist to the influence of the cosmos-organisms met the success finally. The new nerve conduction nuclear mech NCNA has became the main force in the battle. Thus, the fight over the earth has started!

Game Features:

→Amazing High Definition 3D Models

→Unique FPS Attack Mode

→Jumbo Fun in Gliding, Moving and Size Zooming

→Three Mech Classes with Different Strengths

→Powerful Weapon, Controller and Wisdom Skills

→Fantastic Team and Legion Alliance Powers

→Challenging and Rewarding Battlefields

→Interesting PK Arena for Dueling

Amazing High Definition 3D View
All scenes, monsters and mechs are of high definition 3D models, which gives you picturesque graphics and true to life gameplay experience.


Project of Planets v1.1.010 to v1.1.011 Patch617.3MB2010-08-31
Project of Planets Full Client v1.1.0111.19GB2010-08-31

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