Purgatory: Life After Life

Homepage: http://adventuregamesalliance.com/
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, First-Person, Indie, Puzzle
Publisher: Adventure Games Alliance
Developer: Adventure Games Alliance
Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: 2009-09-01

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Try to imagine what happens when you die.  If you don’t go to Heaven or Hell, then you are stuck someplace in between.  This is Purgatory and you are stuck here until you can escape.  The final test determines whether you go to Heaven or Hell, so answer wisely.

Purgatory: Life After Life Features:

A vast world to explore – From the very minute you awake, you can see that you are no longer on Earth.  Figure out how to access forbidden areas, you have an infinite amount of time.  Don’t worry, you can never die, you’re already dead!

Dozens of challenging puzzles – Sudoku, Mah-Jong, Minesweeper, Picture Puzzles, Tangoes, Word Puzzles and many more will challenge you and prevent you from escaping Purgatory.

Beautiful Audio-Visuals – A different 3D world awaits you every step of the way.

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