Genre: Action, Free-to-play, Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Turbo Pixel
Publisher: Turbo Pixel

If you sunk countless hours in to the Quake or Unreal series, Reflex will feel like a welcome return of the old school shooter feel. If you didn’t experience classic arena FPS gameplay, you should immediately reclaim all those unwasted years by grabbing a copy of Reflex.

  • Hunt through complex maps filled with jump pads, teleporters and tempting looking rocket jumps and gather weapons, items and powerups.
  • Bunny hop and double jump around until you see something to shoot, then splatter that something all over the walls with a rocket launcher.
  • Over 10 game modes including Free-For-All, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch.
  • Designed for “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay — there will always be new strategies to devise and new trick jumps to find.
  • Fancy, in-game map and replay editing tools (included with every version).
  • Matchmaking, ranking, regional ladders, player created ladders — both public and private.
  • Custom built engine that contains everything we need and nothing we don’t.

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