Rumble Fighter

Genre: Action, Arcade, Fantasy, Fighting, Free-to-play, MMO
Developer: Nimonix
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: OGPlanet
Release Date: 2007-08-02

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Rumble Fighter is a casual fighting MMOG in which players may battle with each other, or as teams. The game allows players to choose between several fighting styles, which are known in-game as “Sacred Scrolls”. With its “ExoCore” system, players are able to undergo transformations during a battle. Such transformations change both the player’s appearance and his or her fighting abilities.

Additionally, players are given the option to have a large amounts of customization by purchasing clothing and items using one of two currencies: “Astros” or “Carats.” Although the game is free to play, users are able to buy Astros, OGPlanet’s universal online currency, which may be used to purchase in-game items normally unavailable by other means. Other items may be purchased with Carats, the currency exclusively used in Rumble Fighter, which are usually obtained by winning battles. Players may also buy clothing or accessories for their characters from the item shop, which, upon equipping, may affect their stats, such as HP and SP.


Rumble Fighter Full Client - North America1.19GB2013-02-20

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