Runes of Magic

Genre: Browser-Based, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Developer: Frogster Interactive
Publisher: Runewalker Entertainment
Rating: Teen
Release Date: 2008-12-15

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Runes of Magic takes place in the magical world of Taborea, a land filled with thousands of exciting quests and adventures.  Players can create fearsome dual-class characters, conquer  challenging dungeons, take on massive bosses with customizable weapons and armor sets, and join millions of others in the fight against evil.

When creating a character, players can choose from eight different classes: warrior, rogue, priest, knight, scout, mage, warden or druid. The dual-class system offers a large arsenal of abilities, including elite skills that are specific to each class combination.

The captivating landscape of Taborea offers plenty of land for exploration and a rich and ancient history as elven and human players battle the forces of the Demon Lord and other enemies.

There are countless ways for players to get characters ready for battle. Runes are a key feature in the game and allow maximum customization by allowing players to upgrade their armor and weapons. Players cannot only make themselves more powerful, but they also can create characters suited to their own unique styles.

In Runes of Magic, players can party up for instances, where they can engage in fast-paced combat with fierce monsters and earn rewards, including rare equipment and armor sets. Those interested in testing their characters and skills against other players have the option of playing on PvP servers.

The deep crafting system in Runes of Magic makes gathering resources profitable and worthwhile. It’s possible for players to learn as many crafting skills as they want, which adds another dimension to game play.Players also get their own individual houses, and guilds get their own Guild Castles, which they can customize with furniture or use to store extra equipment and items.

With various options for customization, unmatched features and an expanding storyline, Runes of Magic is a unique addition to the MMO genre and the free-to-play game that gamers have wanted for years!


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