Sudden Crisis

Developer: Chaos Interactive
Publisher: Chaos Interactive
Genre: Flight, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi, Space
Rating: Not Rated

Sudden Crisis is a sandbox MMO that allows you to freely travel the galaxy without stargates dictating your movement. You will start your journey with a small fighter craft and some money, starting to work your way towards bigger ships, wealth and influence over other players. It is completely up to you how you will achieve this: Through diplomacy, intelligence, military strength or economical power. Have an impact on thousands of other players in a seamless single shard universe. Write your own story, forge a great empire or cause the next Sudden Crisis.

The game is completely player driven. The economy, politics and even the infrastructure is in the hand of the the users. You are unbound from preset paths and there is no linear progression the player has to go through. You can earn money and increase your character level by crafting,and trading goods between the many sectors of the galaxy and its stations, by hunting pirates and collecting their loot and bounty or by fighting other players for their equipment and cargo.

There will be a huge variety of missions, such as combat, escort, courier and exploration. Of course you can also engage in a combination of those. There are minor factions in each sector, either hostile, friendly or neutral, offering work to adventurous captains. You can also explore the depths of space, where hidden missions and unexplored territories await. The galaxy is a vast and beautiful place. And space is not empty: There are thousands of star systems, planets, moons, nebulae, wormholes and asteroid fields waiting to be explored and exploited. Each sector of the universe offers a unique variety of resources and procedurally generated content.

Select the right ship for your journey from hundreds of different hulls, with different size, speed and and capabilities. Customize your spacecraft further with extra skins and models. Select your loadout from thousands of modules, weapons, rigs and equipment. Players can choose from hundreds of skills and traits in an innovative hybrid character progression system. The choice of skill is entirely up to the player, there are no mutually exclusive skill branches. Skills do not limit access to modules and ships, but they augment their specialization and effectiveness.

There are four major NPC factions: The First Foundation, The Second Foundation, Solaria and The Kerrats. Together with countless minor factions they vie for control over the galaxy, constantly trying to gain the upper hand over one another on their home frontiers. But outside the core systems, in the majority of the galaxy anarchy reigns supreme and everything is free to be taken. Be careful when you venture out there and keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer.

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