Genre: Browser-Based, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Publisher: Hyper Awesome Entertainment
Developer: Hyper Awesome Entertainment
Rating: Not Rated

Battle monsters, earn gold, gear up, and become powerful enough to defeat the Shadow Lord himself. The beautiful and exciting world of Kyros awaits!

Do Battle

Fight deadly monsters to gain experience and help save Kyros from the dread Shadow Lord. Use the procedes from battle to learn magic skills and purchase new weapons. Customize your character and gain abilities!

An Epic Tale

The world of Kyros presents an epic adventure that only the True Knight can complete. There are many lands beyond Edgewood and Prindle Forest to explore, many people to help, and many monsters to defeat. Start your adventure today!

Treasure Galore!

When you’ve got treasure, equipping yourself with new gear is just a click away. Distinguish your character with advanced armor and weapons. Create your own look and prepare for more challenging quests.

A Gypsy Tale

Mystery and intrigue await you in the Gypsy Village. Speak with the elder about your journey. Perhaps she can help you…perhaps.

En Garde!

Slice your way through hordes of evil scum as you travel through the Shadowlands and other treacherous parts of Kyros. Evil lurks around every tree. Beware!

Become a Gladiator

Explore the wild continent of J’haria. Battle in the Coliseum, and achieve glory as the top ranked Gladiator. Your trainers await.


Journey throughout the ever-expanding world of Kyros, in search of honor and adventure. Take part in the struggle for survival! Many strange new lands, and the beings who inhabit them, await you.

Rest to Fight Another Day

Take a rest at Bartolem’s Inn in Edgewood. Buy some food for your next adventure or chat with Bartolem to find out more about town.

Helping Hand

Many in the world of Kyros will seek your help. Are you up to task? Sure, there will be rewards, but your valor and courage will be tested.

Gear Up

Buy gear from Bresnik’s Arsenal with gold you earn from quests and looting monsters. The Steel Falchion looks nice. Do you think you can wield it?

Quench Your Thirst

Kill enough boars for one day? Grab your favorite drink at the Drunken Lute. Gerdin has plenty of cold ones waiting for you and other weary travelers.

Super Fly

Test your combat skills by jumping, attacking, and evading enemies. As a True Knight, you know there are many ways to defeat a skilled opponent. But have you mastered them all?

Let the Good Times Roll

Buy some drinks and take them with you in your inventory. You never know when you may need some extra root beer to keep you going. Mmmmm…root beer.



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