Siege on Stars

Genre: Browser-Based, Free-to-play, MMO, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Developer: Joyhubs Entertainment
Publisher: Joyhubs Entertainment
Rating: Not Rated

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Siege on Stars is a science fiction browser online game. In the future, earth turns into a wasteland. Humanity migrated to a new cosmos with rich resources using jumpgate technology. As time passing by, humanity turns into four different factions. The four factions never stop fighting for the resources in the cosmos.

In Siege on Stars, player can build his fleet and conquer the planets in the cosmos. What’s more, players can trade goods between planets to earn profits. As a smart guy’s game, we provide players hundreds of ship parts and materials. Every material in game is precious assets for the captains to build the ultimate warship.

In Siege on Stars, we provide various battle modes. The PvP system can support 5 players vs 5 players battle via P2P technology. All battle is done in real-time battle grounds. There are also auxiliary skills such as teleport, invisible shield and detection.


  • Up to 5 players can fight against another 5 players in team PvP
  • Gain achievements with each ship you build.
  • Craft or buy upgrades to your ship. Hundreds of ships, shields, lasers, and more.
  • Buy, trade, sell supplies across the galaxy
  • Play the multiple quests given throughout the game.
  • Join a guild and bring your friends along for the ride.

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