Solar Crusaders

Genre: 4X, Business, Multiplayer, Purchase Required, Sandbox, Sci-Fi, Strategy, Turn-Based
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Solar Crusaders
Publisher: Solar Crusaders

Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy game featuring 4X gameplay, sandbox universe, real-time battles, and simulated virtual economy. You’ll control the crews of customizable spaceships and space-stations in a galaxy populated by other players and A.I. controlled NPCs.

Explore the galaxy

As you guide your fleet through each solar system, you’ll explore features such as stars, moons, planets, asteroids, and singularities; optionally colonizing strategic locations as you see fit.

Unlike similar games in this genre, Solar Crusaders utilizes an advanced agents system to populate the game universe with persistent computer controlled pirates, merchants, traders, smugglers, and more. The game will never feel empty or barren, because the computer will move into empty sectors.

Once an agent is destroyed, it permanently ceases to exist, and a new agent will be created unless you move in to take its place.

Grow your empire

Colonization will allow you to create items in the game, which will range in quality based on your manufacturing facilities and proper composition of resources. Anything from small sensor augments, to full ship systems like engines, transporters, and cloak can be created and traded in-game.

Manage your crew members

Your crew will be composed of five different races including Human, Monk, Plantoid, Robotic, and Creature. Each race will have their own appearance, behavior, and special ability; affording each a particular advantage in combat, diplomacy, or a wide variety of other possible enhancements. Each crew member will be subject to perma-death, although this can be mitigated through insurance, and cloning bays.

Take command of your ships

Your ships will be highly configurable, with many systems being swappable and/or upgradable. You’ll have to carefully manage your critical resources including fuel, atmosphere, and ammunition; while at the same time manage your crew as they perform their specialized duties like piloting, engineering, weapons control, and more. Additional supplies and reinforcements can be salvaged from wrecks, created from resources, or bought from npcs and other players.


The advancement system is based upon training individual skills of crew members in fields such as piloting, shields, engineering, weapons, and more. Ultimately, your goal will be to expand your dominion beyond your home system, and into the furthest reaches of the galaxy.

Key Features

  • Explore dozens of star systems in a persistent universe densly populated by both players and A.I. controlled NPCs.
  • Visit thousands of unique planets, moons, astroids, singularities, and comets.
  • Command and battle against multiple ships, with up to four ships under your command.
  • Colonize and exploit strategic locations by building space-stations.
  • Participate in the simulated game economy by mining ores, refining fuels, or manufacturing ships, stations, and components.
  • Compete against other players and NPC’s to develop faster and more powerful ships.

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