Soldier Front 2

Genre: Action, Free-to-play, Military, MMO, Role-Playing
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: Aeria Games
Rating: Not Rated

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They are the unseen, the covert, and the deadly. They can cripple a nation or empower a rebellion. They are the world’s most elite special forces. Join their ranks in the military FPS Soldier Front and find their weapons, armor, and tactics at your fingertips.

Match Modes
Soldier Front’s explosive action takes place in a variety of high-voltage modes: Blast Operation, Retrieval, Capturing, Deathmatch, and more. Each has unique victory conditions and battlegrounds to offer a new challenge with every firefight.

Team Action
In Soldier Front, the name of the game is teamwork. Each player possesses different strengths and weaknesses, and it is only by leveraging each member’s capabilities that a team can clinch victory.

Real-World Weaponry
The game features the actual weapons employed by real Special Forces worldwide. Like a true soldier, you’ll come to know the best tool in your arsenal for each and every situation.

Genuine Spec Ops Teams
Join the world’s most elite combat squads: Delta Force, SAS, Spetsnaz, GSG-9, and more. Then, create your perfect weapon by combining over 40 types of firearms with add-ons and performance-boosting modules.

Dynamic Combat Experience
Each weapon has been developed and balanced according to 10 factors, including damage, rebound intensity, and recoil recovery, in order to provide an accurate simulation of the actual firearm. Meanwhile, the Miles Sound System creates a deep sound field, immersing you in the thick of combat.

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