Special Force

Homepage: http://sf.dfigames.com/site/default.aspx
Genre: Action, First-Person, Free-to-play, Military, MMO
Publisher: DF Interactive
Developer: DF Interactive
Rating: Not Rated

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Special Force is a free-to-play 3D tactical military-themed online FPS where players can personalise their own agents by choosing from genuine elite military units from various nations such as the British SAS, American Delta Force and Russian Spetsnaz; and customising their overall appearances with an assortment of gear and military accoutrements.

Engaging Missions
A key factor in Special Force’s popularity is the selection of game modes catering to the individual, where quick reflexes and accurate aim is crucial, and teams, where strategy and teamwork add a deeper dimension to the game for players. There are also unique modes (e.g. Zombie Mode; Captain Mode) being frequently introduced to add variety to the game.

Immersive Experience
Another key aspect of Special Force that makes the game so addictively enjoyable lies in its arsenal of in-game weapons. Popular guns in contemporary culture such as the AWP, M-16 and the Desert Eagle provide an aspect of realism while battles take place at exotic locales such as a missile facility in Ecuador or hospital in Ireland.


Special Force has won the highest award for games in e-Sports for 3 consecutive years in Korea (awarded by the Korean e-Sports Association) and is the no.1 free-to-play online military-themed FPS game in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. Over 100 million gamers worldwide are playing Special Force, and now the Singapore Chapter has finally started.


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