Homepage: http://www.spellsworn.com/
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Developer: Frogsong Studios
Publisher: Frogsong Studios
Rating: Not Rated

Spellsworn is an Online Player vs. Player Arena, where wizards use their wits and spells to wage war in a constantly changing arena.

  • Choose wisely! Pick your spells to suit your favorite play style or to counter your opponents, from a tome of over 50 spells!
  • Remember tactics! Will you upgrade your spells, or buy a new one to catch your opponent off-guard? Gold is limited, and your opponent is clever.
  • Master the arena! The playing field is constantly changing, and tactical advantages are rarely permanent. Time is your enemy.
  • Master your spells! Knowing when to cast spells (or not to cast) will be the difference between life and death.

Those sworn to magic are rising up to face their opponents on the field of battle. In towers and covens, factions are formed and alliances made, and it’s only a matter of time before chaos breaks loose.

  • The arena is destroyed over time, becoming lethal as it sinks into lava or is overtaken by corrupted magic. No place is safe forever!
  • From the powerful fireball to the infuriating teleport, there are plenty of spells for a novice wizard, and even more to unlock as you progress through the game.
  • Take on everyone in free-for-all, or join your friends in team versus.
  • Brag about your victories with leaderboards and ranked play rewards!
  • Inspired by one of the most popular mods for Warcraft 3: Warlock, and powered by Unreal Engine 4!
  • Choose between several types of wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, witches or other magical abominations, and then customize them!

Will you heed the call?

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