Star Conflict

Genre: Action, Flight, Free-to-play, MMO, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Star Gem

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Star Conflict is a massively multiplayer online action game that perfectly blends:

* Breakneck gameplay as you pilot of combat spacecraft
* Intense and impressive online team battles
* High-end, detailed graphics and visual effects
* Numerous pieces of ship equipment and pilot modifications
* Hundreds of custom and interdependent RPG elements
* The opportunity to gather friends on your own team or even a clan, and together


This is an ambitious project, but who he who dares, wins—isn’t that right?

Star Gem, Inc. is working on a surprisingly harmonious combination of genres and gameplay features, packaging them in a bright and attractive form that will interest the widest possible audience. But don’t take our word for it—see for yourself!

Launch the game and create your own character, then choose one of six factions that you agree to defend in space warfare.

From the beginning of the game, you are endowed with a decent amount of in-game money and you’ll definitely find ways to spend it! The whole line of Star Conflict base model ships is open and accessible from Day 1. Choose any ship that catches your eye, buy it, and install the modules and weapons that best suit your playing style. And let the battle begin!

The lobby system automatically distributes an equal number of players with similar levels and reputations into two teams, so you don’t need to worry about balance. True skill is the only way to win.

You’re in the Team Death Match mode, aren’t you? In that case, don’t forget about your friends; depending on which space ship modules you installed, you can boost their shields or recharge their batteries. Or you can take the opposite approach, making your way to the enemy positions while temporarily cloaked or by using special accelerators, then destroying enemy plans by burning down their electronic target locking systems. Whatever specialization you’ve chosen, every pilot is important during a battle in space!

No matter how vast the open space may seem, when confronted by another fighter squadron you’ll find that the territory is just too small for the both of you. You’ll have to secure every inch of the three-dimensional space from the enemy recon drones in another game mode: Capture The Sector. Your faction has promised generous rewards to those who protect the critical areas—so, let the assault begin! Use your recon skills wisely and no careless occupier will remain unchecked on your comrades’ radars. Detonate electromagnetic mines to slow the enemy’s deceptive maneuvers and destroy their fortified positions with a crippling blow by firing upon them with a bunch of homing missiles.

Well, the enemy is defeated and the position is yours! But you’ll gain more than just experience and pride in yourself and your comrades—the fraction that hired you is going to pay the contract in full, and fleeing opponents left behind so much loot that it will take your entire team to distribute the goods.

And in the few precious moments of calm? Let’s get to the hangar, where all of your spaceships are stored. The currency you’ve earned will be useful to repair the damage your ships have taken, and to upgrade your installed modules by improving them or replacing them with better ones. Keep in mind that each element of the ship’s modification is reflected in its appearance—seeing your plasma cannons or T5-quality laser will make your enemy think carefully about whether to attack you and risk the firing of these weapons.

However, the heart of your combat vehicle is the pilot. Every decision made in the game, each fight started, each lock on a target—all of this is reflected in the pilot’s statistics and determines his future course of development. Collect experience points, and distribute these among your various skills to customize your character. Become the kind of pilot who can blow up the Death Star whether he’s wielding a fleet of battleships or a bucket of nails. Yes, it’s not easy and is not going to happen as soon as you may want it to, but in Star Conflict time flies faster than a comet.

Character development and the acquisition of bigger and better spacecraft is designed to occur gradually over a long period of time, so don’t worry—the game’s balance system won’t let overpowered players dominate the battles. Instead, everyone will have an opportunity to grow almost infinitely by improving piloting skills, modifying modules and weapons to collect a unique set of equipment, and developing player clans into a galactic guard of elite fighters!

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