Star Sonata

Genre: Free-to-play, MMO, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, Strategy
Publisher: Landauer Games
Developer: Landauer Games
Rating: Not Rated

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Star Sonata, at its heart, is a Persistent Sci- fi Top Down Space Fighting/Trading MMO. Despite some people’s self-centered nature, the entire game doesn’t pause when you log off. However nerdy and complex as this game would seem, it’s relatively friendly to new players unlike games such as EVE online. People play the game to have fun and relax, and even though there’s been a fair share of ragequits over the game most people come back after a day or two. Star Sonata has a complex community of players that are both friendly and hostile, pirate and merchant, hardcore and weekend gamer, hacker and player. Mostly, people are available to help new players as it’s not a very time consuming job: easy tasks for higher levels include clearing the Rumble galaxies and helping a player get a difficult skill.

Star Sonata is set apart from other MMO’s mainly via its use of Slave Ships, or "Slaves". Running while you’re offline, trade slaves can make you billions. When you’re online, combat slaves can dish out incredible damage. Instead of fighting the macro war, Star Sonata embraced it and now a huge part of the game is based around these AI slaves. Called slaves simply to make it easy, these bots are programmable ships with a gearlist of the player’s choosing that have different settings one may want to use.


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