Genre: Free-to-play, iOS, MMO, PC, Sci-Fi, Simulation, Space, Strategy
Publisher: NASA
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Project Whitecard

Starlite is a NASA adventure game focused on mankind’s future missions into the outer reaches of the solar system, this time to stay. The game will feature simulation mission-based space exploration, career advancement and awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The game is being privately funded and developed in accordance with a “Space Act Agreement” with NASA Learning Technologies. MindArk, developers of Entropia Universe, are working with Project Whitecard to enable delivery of Starlite on browsers and mobile-based platforms enabling users to play from virtually anywhere they have an internet connection.

“Starlite was chosen as a name because it serves two purposes. Firstly, creatively, it conveys the idea the space is still the domain of the ‘undiscovered country,’ and that space-farers of the future will experience the loneliness, the excitement, and the necessities of survival where sometimes all you have to guide you are the solace and the guidance of the stars above, and indeed, around you. Secondly, Starlite is a much more manageble length of name. Although the sentiment and the phrase “Moon, Mars and Beyond,” is echoed throughout the adventure, “Starlite” as a name and brand extends itself to this and our other related projects, such as the “Starlite Digital Badges” made in conjunction with NASA. It also gives focus to the 4-pointed star as a motif borrowed from NASA and extends it to adventurers in the imagined future of our game,” said Khal Shariff, CEO of Project Whitecard.

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