Publisher: Bad Pug Games
Developer: Bad Pug Games
Genre: Browser-Based, Chrome, Facebook, Free-to-play, MMO, Sci-Fi, Space, Strategy, Turn-Based
Rating: Not Rated

Wage galactic war against both your friends and enemies in a battle to move up the leader board and become the most powerful empire in the galaxy.

Starpires is a turn-based, massively multiplayer strategy game.

Key Features:

– Colonize up to 10 different types of planets and manage your empires economy.

– Build a military force both for defending your home world and conquering others.

– Research new technologies and upgrades.

– Do battle with other empires through a variety of attack types, invasions, guerilla attacks, chemical and nuclear strikes.

– Deploy a wide range of insidious covert operations against your enemies.

– Create alliances and manage diplomatic relations.

– Move up the player rankings to become the most powerful empire in the universe.


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