Steel Legions

Genre: Action, Browser-Based, Free-to-play, Java, MMO, Tank
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: Splitscreen Studios
Developer: Splitscreen Studios

Steel Legions is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer game. It combines rich 3D visuals with accessible, fast-paced player-versus-player action.
You take control over a steam-driven, heavy steel tank in an alternative history, where four empires acrimoniously rival for land, resources and power. With your comrades, you take on action-oriented missions against other players and their factions. Equipment, team spirit and tactics are the defining factors to beat your opponents. Collect gear and upgrade your vehicle, choose your weapon and become a legend on the battleground.
The combination of fast-paced player-versus-player action and long-term enhancements of your vehicle makes this game a fresh appeal for both experienced and new players. Constantly changing challenges won’t let you rest.

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