Genre: Browser-Based, Construction, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing, Simulation
Publisher: Namaste
Developer: Namaste
Rating: Not Rated

Create your own MMO experience using Storybricks, our intuitive story building system

Produce deep, engaging stories of your own making simply by clicking together bricks. Watch your stories develop as you play and create new connections between bricks.
Populate your world
No more static quest-givers. Storybricks allows you to create characters with wants, drives, and emotions.
Create intriguing relationships
Adjust character motivations to create relationships between characters that will change as you interact with them and they interact with each other.
Weave a narrative
Build a story, not just busy work… expect the unexpected as you strive to reach your conclusion. Anything is possible with Storybricks!

Build your own world in the Storybricks Alpha!

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