Genre: Action, Free-to-play, MMO, MOBA, Role-Playing, Strategy
Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: S2 Games
Developer: S2 Games

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Strife is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where two 5 player teams will engage each other in epic combat. Each unique match will grow you from a new recruit in the Army of Light to an experienced and hardened arena veteran.

Strife was created from the ground up to eliminate many frustrating elements common to the genre. It’s a MOBA that is much easier to get into and have fun while still keeping a high skill ceiling that experienced players enjoy.

Heroes serve as the foundation for any MOBA. Strife’s heroes are truly free – no unlocking necessary. Every hero is available to every player.

Gameplay elegantly designed to maximize engagement and minimize tedious tasks. Players spend more time in the action and less time running back to base.

Compete with your opponents, not with your teammates. Our unique resource distribution eliminates fighting with teammates for last hits or hero kills and encourages you to work together. Redefined flexible roles will give all members of the team the opportunity to succeed and play their way.

Crafting allows you to upgrade and change the components of items. Pets that you choose, grow, and train will assist you in combat with unique abilities.

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