Homepage: http://www.gamersfirst.com/taikodom/
Genre: Action, Flight, Free-to-play, MMO, Sci-Fi, Space, Tactical
Publisher: GamersFirst
Rating: Rating Pending
Developer: Reloaded Games

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Intense Action Combat – Dodge cannon fire and missiles in real time, blast your afterburners to pursue prey, execute complicated maneuvers in inertial flight mode, or escape to safety with a micro-jump. You’re in direct control of your ship; act accordingly.

Career Progression – Advance in one of three careers, and gain access to unique abilities and ships for each. Cloak yourself and launch surprise attacks as a sneaky Suppressor, charge head-on into battle as a hulking Vanguard, or employ a careful balance of offense and defense as an Assault.

Asteroid Mining – Capture the vast bounty of the final frontier But be careful: some of the best mining opportunities are also the most dangerous.

Crafting – Find project blueprint to turn raw resources into whatever anything under the sun, from weapons to warships, or apply modifications to turn that dusty old cannon into a bleeding-edge blaster.

Market System – Use the interstellar market to unload the spoils of your progress, or twist it to your advantage by buying low and selling high. The choice is yours.

Corporations – Gather your friends and lead your corporation to galactic prominence using shrewd business tactics, or simply crush the competition with sheer martial prowess.

Territory Conquest – Take part in the strategic conquest of the universe, with massive warships deciding

PVP – Trawl for unsuspecting victims in unsafe regions of space, participate in Territory Conquest, or join an instanced Battlespace; PvP is everywhere.

Free2Play – The choice to pay is yours. If you never want to pay, you never have to! Conveniences, customization, and other possibilities await in the marketplace, but it will never be a requirement to pay real money, meaning you can play free forever!

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