Trinium Wars

Genre: Action, MMO, Purchase Required, Role-Playing, Sci-Fi
Developer: Hanmaru Soft
Publisher: InselGames
Rating: Not Rated

Trinium Wars is a traditional post-apocalyptic Sci Fi MMORPG set in the remains of Planet Earth after World War III that is now controlled by mutants. Join the fight for the rarest substance in the universe: Trinium. Support the Human forces to reconquer their home planet, which they had to leave after the devastating consequences of World War III, or join forces with the Narc, who were forced to leave their planet after depleting all its resources. Exciting and varied quests will lead you through the story of Trinium Wars. Special instance missions let you control Tanks, Mechs or even Monsters. As high level content up to 1000 players can simultaneously fight in the “Resource War” mode, build up camps and mine precious Trinium. For fast PvP fun Trinium Wars offers an additional MOBA style Arena mode while the base-building mode will allow for more tactical choices and the chance to craft new equipment, potions and even skills. The game is being developed by Jang Wook Lee whose previous titles include Diablo 3. The big run for Trinium has started – be part of it!


  • Two unique races, Humans and Narc, each with unique graphic style
  • Different regions with unique environments
  • Post-apocalyptic / Sci Fi story with hundreds of quests
  • Traditional, tab-based RPG combat with a huge selection of skills and loot
  • Base-building mode: players can build various buildings in their base to produce equipment, potions and even skills
  • Player-driven economy including Auction House trading
  • Customizable UI
  • Special missions let you control tanks, robots or helicopters
  • Dungeons for Solo or Groups (with next update)
  • Battlefield: exciting PVP MOBA-style matches in special battle arenas with valuable rewards
  • Resource War: Faction-based PvP action for up to 1000 players (unlocked at level 30, coming soon after launch)

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