Homepage: http://www.uemeu.com/
Genre: Construction, Fantasy, MMO, Purchase Required, Role-Playing, Sandbox
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: Omnigon
Publisher: Omnigon

UemeU is a new creative sandbox game that lets you explore, build and play with friends.

The game is split into two main sections, build and play mode which work seamlessly together allowing you to interact inside your own creative space in a way never seen before.

UemeU has intuitive and fun to use building mechanics and gives you the tools you need to create your very own sandbox world. Change your elements by adjusting the weather, sky, terrain, and even water.

Explore worlds by creating your own vehicles, customise planes, cars, and even the clothes on your back.

Ueman lives in an ever-evolving world of endless possibilities. Customise your avatar and traverse through your world in style. Stamina, defences and agility need to be taken into account.

With an all new fighting mechanic, you will have to be on your guard. Use your Ueman to complete larger than life puzzles and explore abstract worlds.

Multiplayer is an important part of UemeU and an empowering experience. Create and host your own worlds or build elaborate and interesting structures together. Set traps and challenges.

Keep your friends up to date with your latest builds and progress by sharing files and using the inventory saving system.

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