UFO Online

Homepage: http://ufo-online.gamigo.com/
Genre: Action, Browser-Based, Free-to-play, MMO, Sci-Fi, Tactical
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: Gamigo
Rating: Not Rated

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“We come in peace.” – A red flag should probably go up whenever extraterrestrial visitors use this phrase. In the strategic browser-based game UFO Online, humanity has also made the mistake of trusting the aliens. A terrible mistake, as it turns out. The supposedly-peaceful aliens soon turn out to be nasty invaders looking to exploit our planet’s resources. While a majority of the population still believes their lies, three factions of resistance fighters form to take up arms against the aliens. Sign up now to participate in closed beta testing!

• Impressive 3D graphics right in your browser
• Expandable base
• 3 factions
• A variety of mercenary classes with unique skills
• Upgradable weapons and items
• Tactical battles against the AI and other player

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