Villagers and Heroes

Genre: Casual, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Rating: Everyone 10 Plus
Developer: Mad Otter
Publisher: Neonga

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Villagers and Heroes, a fantasy role-playing game with a vast multiplayer world, is easy to learn, has an intuitive user-interface, and features a wonderfully rich gameplay with components rarely seen before in any genre of game. Providing thousands of hours of exploration and challenge, the Seven Realms, populated with quirky characters and ghoulish beasties, offers hundreds of quests and an array of different gameplay styles. So whether you’re a mighty warrior battling monsters, or a clever wizard bidding at an auction, a noble priest mining for gems or an agile hunter foraging for food, the opportunities for players to advance are limitless.

Own a House with a Garden and a Ranch
Design and personalize your own virtual home, a real house where friends can come over and sample delicacies from your garden, or perhaps they’ll marvel at the range of well-tended livestock on your ranch. Harvest crops to earn gold, spin wool and trade it at the market, or brew powerful magic concoctions from the fleece of your ember sheep to fortify you on your next dangerous quest!

Fight Monsters and Bosses
With eight primary character builds and numerous variations, the game features a diversely satisfying combat system which includes hundreds of spells and intricate maneuvers to aid players as they fight their way through challenging monster lairs, and battle a host of nightmarishly unique creatures, or “bosses”.

Create your own Outfits and Weapons
With our multifaceted crafting system, players can design gear tailored to the specific needs of their characters and adorn them in elaborate attire. Forge tiny daggers, or colossal swords; craft elegant arrows or blunt maces; fight ogres in glistening Titan armor, or stroll the woods in a beautiful cloak of majestic wonder. There are no limits to what your character might possess!

Join a village with your friends
Through teamwork anything is possible in the Seven Realms! Join an existing village, or gather your friends and start your own! By contributing resources, building powerful crafting facilities, and aiding in Village Projects, the combined efforts of players will transform a tiny hamlet into a dense thriving city.

Why is it free?
Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play game. We are well aware that such a phrase can often be misleading, which is why it bears reiterating here. When we say free-to-play, we mean exactly that.

Membership in our world is free — not for a trial week, or a trial month, but free always. Nor does the game place any restrictions on player access once in the Seven Realms: there are no special zones, classes, or features that only paying members can access.

We do not require any credit card or payment information when you sign up.

Is this game “Pay-to-win”?
Not in the slightest! Purchases in the item shop, while adding flavor, décor, and convenience to a character’s lifestyle, are not requirements to succeed or advance in the game. A paying player and a non-paying player can do the same things at the same time.

So what are you waiting for?

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