War of Ninja

Homepage: http://www.warofninja.com/
Genre: Action, Browser-Based, Fantasy, Free-to-play, MMO, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated
Developer: WarOfNinja
Publisher: WarOfNinja

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War of Ninja is set in a world on the verge of chaos. The Shogunate, a central government that was the only authority capable of holding the ninja clans in line, has collapsed. As a result, old grudges between the many clans of this world are starting to resurface.

Fight your way through Sekai and recruit the legendary Ninja of this world. Each character has a unique story for you to experience. Will the Ninja Clans be able to set aside their differences and fight the real threat, will Sekai fall into chaos once more?

Assemble your squad
You start War of Ninja with a limited number of characters, each of them at level 1. As you play the game, you earn gold and experience for your characters and yourself. You can unlock new skills and upgrade existing ones for you characters to make them more powerful. You also gain experience for yourself. As you level up, you’ll encounter more unique characters which you’ll be able to recruit with the gold you’ve earned in battles. There is also the Ninja Shop to buy items for your characters to customize your squad even further.

Take Control
In War of Ninja, you take control over a group of three ninja and battle it out against your opponents. Combat takes place in a turn-based environment where you’ll have to beat your opponent by out smarting him with better tactics and strategies. Your opponents include the AI, challenging AI bosses, and other players like yourself.

Join the Battle!
War of Ninja features several types of battles you can participate in. You can fight against the AI to earn gold and experience, or you can choose to fight players like yourself via match-up or private battle.

Competitive Play
The ladders and tournaments of War of Ninja are temporarily disabled as players get a chance to level their characters.

Earn Achievements
War of Ninja features many achievements for you to earn. Earning achievements will grant you Achievement Points and special titles to show off to your friends. Become the player with the most achievement points in the achievement ladder!

Join the Community
Become a part of the War of Ninja community and meet the players! You can talk about the game, discuss new strategies, or just enjoy other social sections on our official forums.
You can also participate in various War of Ninja events, including tournaments, graphics competitions and many more fun and interesting activities.

Custom Skins!
You can now upload your own skins for characters to make them look however you want! You can change the character’s name, skills, avatar and full body picture to completely change the look of a character.

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