Homepage: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259003629
Genre: Action, Fantasy, MMO, Purchase Required, Role-Playing
Rating: Not Rated

Warlocks is a multiplayer wizard action/RPG brawler set in a multidimensional world, where the evil shadows are invading human realms. It’s up to you as a Warlock to stop them.

Warlocks began as an idea of combining ‘Risk of Rain’ gameplay with fantasy characters such as wizards and warlocks. The first version of ‘Risk of Death” got a very warm reception from internet gamers. Dushan, the initial creator was contacted by Wojtek who is a 2D artist and after reaching out to Max, the programmer, they all decided to begin working on ‘Warlocks’. During Digital Dragons 2014 they had shown an early alpha version of Warlocks which caught our attention. We decided to join our forces with Dushan, Max and Wojtek and make sure that Warlocks will be a success.


  • Slay – Epic bosses – at the end of each world you’ll face off with powerful bosses in extremely intense battles. Defeat them to rescue other Warlocks overtaken by the Shadow virus and gain new allies in your quest.
  • Destroy – Hordes of enemies – that have their own unique skill sets and attack patterns you’ll have to learn in order to defeat them.
  • Explore – Multiple dimensions – during your challenging journey to the Shadow World you will visit beautiful sceneries of various worlds such as: 1940’s Wall Street, ruined cathedrals, foggy swamplands and much more. All hand-painted with gorgeous pixel art.
  • Learn – Different play-styles – by unlocking new Warlocks as you progress through the story. There are ten completely unique Warlocks total in the game, each with four (or more) distinctive abilities that complement each other.
  • Collect – Procedurally generated loot – dropped by the enemies you slay. You will be able to choose from huge variety of weapons and magic items that combined with different skill builds will allow you to enjoy different play-style each time you play.

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